PANOPTIWORK TALKS\6: Regulating New Surveillance Technologies at Work. A Human Computer Interaction Approach

On February 19th, at 17.00, Panoptiwork together with STeP Talks will have the pleasure of hosting our sixth talk with a special guest visiting us from Cardiff, Wales: Dr. Sandy Gould! Sandy’s talk will be followed by comments from Michele Molè, who will provide an overview of the French DPA decision (27 December 2023) over Amazon’s warehouses surveillance systems. The event will conclude with a Q&A moderated by the AI Safety Initiative Groningen, a student-led group invested in AI. It can be attended either on-site or online (hybrid).


Abstract of Sandy’s talk:

Workplace monitoring is entering a new phase. The virtual and physical sensors with which workplaces have been instrumented are feeding telemetry into systems that analyse and act using machine intelligence. Critiques of these real and anticipated systems often locate themselves amongst the long tradition of critiques of Scientific Management. In this talk I will discuss the epistemology of Scientific Management in relation to new artificial ‘witnesses’ to workplace phenomena. I will make the case that these new innovations do not fit neatly with existing critiques, and that we risk missing important developments in workplace measurement  if we do not refine, adjust, or remake our critical tools to reflect the fact that workplace epistemologies seem to be changing in essential ways.

Following the talk, Michele Molè will will explain the features and consequences of the French data protection authority’s decision regarding surveillance systems in Amazon’s warehouses, resulting in a fine of 32 million euros.

When: 19th February 2024, 17h-19h

Where: Lokinzaal, Röling Building, Oude Boteringestraat 20, 9712 GH Groningen.

About the speakers:

Dr. Sandy Gould is Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. His research generally focuses on technology in the workplace, but he has worked on a number of  human-centred computing topics including interruptions, multitasking and interruptionsm, emoji and interaction design.

Michele Molè is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen Law Faculty. His research focuses on the regulation of workplace surveillance and new technologies in the EU.

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